Pettirosso is the partnership of three specialist painters:

Beatrice Girardi Boschetti

Valentina Bonato

Cristina Perletti


All originally graduated from the internationally renowned decorative painting school “Insitut Superieur De Peinture Van Der Kelen- Logelain”  in Brussels they individually contribute in diverse ways to the partnership, having pursued different work experience before their affiliation.

Cristina graduated in History of Modern Art in Milan and initially collaborated with several art galleries which gives her a deep understanding of the relationship between the artist and his work. She also worked for several years for the italian restoration firm Naos and this has proven an extremely valuable preparation for the restoration jobs subsequently undertaken by Pettirosso. Cristina is based in Milan and London.

Beatrice is based in Milan and collaborates with her family’s architectural firm “Filippini Girardi Associati”. This cooperation provides Beatrice with an inherited familiarity with architecture and interior design and a thorough understanding of space and materials.

Valentina graduated in History of Art and Architecture in Dublin. She also designs and project manages property refurbishments in London where she is based. She has overseen several projects for prestigious international clients based in London along with collaborating with  leading traditional craftsmen throughout England.

A combined 50 years experience and the expertise derived by both classical training and practical on-site work has allowed Pettirosso to undertake diverse projects throughout Europe with great enthusiasm and flexibility. We directly manage our highly qualified and experienced team of craftsmen and we are personally and actively present on site on every job in order to guarantee quality and consistency to our clients.